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A.C.A.B (All Cops Are Bastards)

A.C.A.B (All Cops Are Bastards)

by Stefano Sollima

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In this film focus

Violent police

Review: A.C.A.B (All Cops Are Bastards)

Violent police

Police brutality in an explosive portrayal of Italy that rarely makes it to the big screen. 

“A strange object, on which everything and its opposite was said”

Interview: Stefano Sollima • Director

“A strange object, on which everything and its opposite was said”

A.C.A.B the first feature film by the director of the acclaimed TV series Criminal novel, Stefano Sollima, tells the story of a controversial mobile police squad. 

Trailer [IT]


Trailer [IT]


original title: A.C.A.B. - All Cops Are Bastards
country: Italy
year: 2012
directed by: Stefano Sollima
screenplay: Daniele Cesarano, Barbara Petronio, Leonardo Valenti
cast: Pierfrancesco Favino, Marco Giallini, Filippo Nigro, Domenico Diele, Andrea Sartoretti

main awards/selection

Beaune Film Festival 2012 
Berlin Fantasy Filmfest 2012 
Buenos Aires Festival of Italian Cinema 2012 
Festa do Cinema Italiano 2013 

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