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Sorrow and Joy

Sorrow and Joy

by Nils Malmros

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Sorrow and Joy: Love Conquers All


Sorrow and Joy: Love Conquers All

Danish director Nils Malmros’ autobiographical film about a tragic event that changed his life. 

"Sorrow and Joy is not a film about forgiveness"

Interview: Nils Malmros • Director

"Sorrow and Joy is not a film about forgiveness"

"A psychotic person cannot be guilty, so there is no guilt involved. I wanted to show that love conquers all," said Danish director Nils Malmros about his new feature, Sorrow and Joy 

Trailer [DK]


Trailer [DK]


international title: Sorrow and Joy
original title: Sorg og glæde
country: Denmark
year: 2013
directed by: Nils Malmros
cast: Jakob Cedergren, Helle Fagralid, Nicolas Bro, Helle Hertz, Niels Weyde, Mads Hammer Larsen, Anders Brink Madsen, Esben Smed

main awards/selection

Festival internazionale del film di Roma 2013In Competition

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