Racer and the Jailbird (2017)
Silent Night (2017)
Anchor and Hope (2017)
Jupiter's Moon (2017)
Meda or the Not So Bright Side of Things (2017)
Euthanizer (2017)
Western (2017)
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2664 news (distribution / releases / exhibitors) available in total starting from 24/06/2005. Last updated on 22/11/2017. 28 news (distribution / releases / exhibitors) inserted in the last 12 months.

12 April 2017

Exhibitors – Italy/Europe

Paolo Sorrentino: “Theatres should be as attractive as stadiums”

11 April 2017

Exhibitors – Romania

The Cinema City network now controls 60% of the Romanian exhibition market

Distribution – France

DIRE distributors sound the alarm

10 April 2017

Releases – Romania

Romania sees a steady increase in theatrical releases

05 April 2017

Distribution – Italy

Altre Storie commences distribution and gets started with Natalie Portman and Claude Lelouch

04 April 2017

Releases – Romania

Eight first features expected this year in Romania

31 March 2017

Exhibitors – Spain

You too can be an exhibitor of independent films

17 March 2017

Releases – Poland

Rage: Jogging towards a new life

08 March 2017

Distribution – Italy

Slam - Tutto per una ragazza to be distributed in 189 countries via Netflix

24 February 2017

Distribution – Lithuania

A room with a “Baltic View”

06 February 2017

Distribution – Italy

Six fictional works and four documentaries at the Rete degli Spettatori 2017

Exhibitors – Europe

New UNIC report demonstrates how European cinema operators are embracing innovation

25 January 2017

Exhibitors – Europe

AMC Theatres purchases Sweden’s Nordic Cinema Group

19 January 2017

Releases – Norway

Marcus & Martinus has (almost) all bases covered

12 January 2017

Distribution – Europe

The Last Family comes top among the nine Scope100 countries

09 January 2017

Distribution – Italy

Sky-independent producers agreement: Vision Distribution is born

14 December 2016

Distribution – Europe

Effective communication in professional negotiations: Europa Distribution's workshop in Marrakech

07 December 2016

Distribution – USA/Europe

Filmatique.com, a new platform for US audiences

17 November 2016

Distribution – Slovakia

Eva Nová to be released across Central and Eastern Europe

07 November 2016

Distribution – France

Cannes Film Market launches Cinando Screeners as a digital streaming strategy

26 September 2016

Exhibitors – Germany

The theatrical window must remain, say German arthouse exhibitors

21 September 2016

Releases – Romania

A record-breaking autumn expected in Romanian cinemas


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