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La Marcheuse: a social and sensual crime film in Belleville


- The first clapperboard will be slamming in May for the feature debut by Naël Marandin, starring Yannick Choirat and Qiu Lan in a project headed by Folamour Productions

La Marcheuse: a social and sensual crime film in Belleville
Yannick Choirat

Monday 12 May will see the start of the shoot for the feature debut by Naël Marandin: the social crime flick La Marcheuse [+see also:
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(lit. We Have the Night Left). Having risen to fame as a teenage actor, and then slipping behind the camera with his short film Corps étrangers (selected at a great many international festivals, including Clermont-Ferrand in 2008), the 33-year-old filmmaker has assembled a cast including Yannick Choirat (seen in Rust & Bone [+see also:
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interview: Jacques Audiard
interview: Jacques Audiard
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and Télé Gaucho [+see also:
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, among others) and Qiu Lan for his feature debut.

Written by the director together with Marion Doussot, the story revolves around Lin Aiyu, an illegal Chinese immigrant, who works as a prostitute on the streets of Belleville. She lives with Cerise, her teenage daughter, in a flat owned by Kieffer, a bedridden man in his seventies whom she takes care of in return for her lodging. One evening, her neighbour, Daniel, the henchman of a local crook, forces Lin Aiyu to let him into Kieffer’s flat so that he can hide away...

Produced by Marie Genin for Folamour Productions, La Marcheuse is benefitting from co-production by Vito Films (Isaac Shary), an advance on receipts from the CNC and backing from the Ile-de-France region, where the six-week shoot is due to take place. Distribution in France will be headed by Rezo Films, and international sales are at a very advanced stage of negotiations.

Among Marie Genin’s assets are projects including the 52-minute collection Il était une fois le cinema, of which she produced 13 episodes, co-wrote 20, and directed Rome, ville ouverte and Les parapluies de Cherbourg. She recently also produced the documentary Les gens du monde by Yves Jeuland, which is due to be released in French theatres in the autumn.

(Translated from French)

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