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How to Disappear Completely: Lesbian love in Berlin


- The new film by Przemyslaw Wojcieszek is released today in Polish theatres, courtesy of Alter Ego Pictures

How to Disappear Completely: Lesbian love in Berlin
Agnieszka Podsiadlik and Pheline Roggan in How to Disappear Completely

“Cinema is a trance-like art form, where the colours, the rhythms and the sounds combine to create a hypnotic dream. And I think we have pulled it off,” declared Przemyslaw Wojcieszek, referring to his new film, How to Disappear Completely [+see also:
film profile
, which is out today in Polish theatres.

Following Secret [+see also:
film profile
in 2012, in which he did not shy away from LGBT topics, this time Przemyslaw Wojcieszek tackles a story revolving around a lesbian infatuation. Gerda (Pheline Roggan) meets Little Robber Girl (Agnieszka Podsiadlik) on the underground in Berlin. The attraction between them blossoms into love. The camera follows the girls around all night long, placing particular emphasis on the city and its nightlife. As dawn breaks, their infatuation seems to fizzle out, like a fleeting dream... There is almost no plot, strictly speaking, and the narrative is very loose, based around spontaneous feelings and personal emotions.

The title of the film comes from one of the songs by the band Radiohead, but the music (which plays a key role) was composed by Julia Marcell. It is worth pointing out that the DoP’s shoes were filled by Weronika Bilska.

Produced by Katarzyna Majewska for the Dynamo Karuzela studio, How to Disappear Completely was co-produced by Odra Film. The theatrical release is managed by Alter Ego Pictures.

(Translated from French)

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