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Game Therapy – from YouTube to movie theatres


- Lucky Red and Indiana Production have announced the release of the first film toplined by the Italian web stars of the moment: Favij, Federico Clapis, Leonardo Decarli and Zoda

Game Therapy – from YouTube to movie theatres
Three of the lead actors from Game Therapy

From the web to the cinema. Favij, the young YouTuber who rose to fame thanks to his reviews of forthcoming video games and the first Italian to be awarded the Golden Button by Google, is the star of Game Therapy [+see also:
film profile
. Hitting Italian theatres on 22 October courtesy of Lucky Red, this is the first film to be toplined by today’s Italian web stars.

Sure enough, rubbing shoulders with Favij (real name Lorenzo Ostuni) will be Federico Clapis, the official reporter for X Factor 8 and the brain behind the Facebook craze “Behind a Selfie”, Leonardo Decarli, the creator of some of the most-visited videos on YouTube, and Zoda, one of the first Italian YouTubers, now a gaming icon in Italy. 

Produced by Indiana Production (Human Capital [+see also:
interview: Paolo Virzì
film profile
, An Italian Name [+see also:
film profile
), Webstar Channel and Pulse film, and filmed in Italy, Morocco and the USA, Game Therapy is an action-fantasy movie directed by first-timer Ryan Travis. Favij himself gave some hints about the plot a few months ago: “I am a kind of shy video-game genius. Making my friend Clapis believe that I’m using a machine to treat him for his video-game addiction, instead I propel him into a virtual world, like Morpheus in The Matrix. I’ll be forced to follow him to save his life. There will be action scenes: Clapis and I are doing some serious kung-fu training. Of course, I’ve got the physique of a ‘console nerd’, so I’m finding it tough..." Game Therapy will therefore be a film about the world of kids – seen through their passion for video games – about virtual reality and growing up, and about the power of friendship and dreams.

(Translated from Italian)

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