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La puerta abierta: Marina Seresesky beckons us towards an open door


- The Spanish-based Argentinian filmmaker has finished her debut film, which stars Carmen Machi, Terele Pávez and Asier Etxeandía

La puerta abierta: Marina Seresesky beckons us towards an open door
Carmen Machi in La puerta abierta

La puerta abierta [+see also:
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(lit. “The Open Door”) is the feature debut by Marina Seresesky, an Argentinian actress, screenwriter and director now based in Spain, who was a finalist for the 2012 Goya Awards with her short film The Wedding. Starring Carmen Machi, Terele Pávez (in a role originally written for late actress Amparo Baró, whom this movie is dedicated to) and Asier Etxeandía, La puerta abierta was shot in autumn 2015 and is now ready for its epic festival voyage: in fact, it has already snagged the Best Screenplay Award at the Guadalajara Film Festival in Mexico. Its tragicomic plot, which was written by the director and is set in the corralas (interior patios in apartment blocks) in Madrid, revolves around second chances in life and in families (both biological ones and ones that we choose ourselves), and how some can be toxic while others can be liberating.

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The main characters are two prostitutes: a mother, Antonia (Pávez), and her daughter, Rosa (Machi), who have an unhappy, strained relationship in which they both depend on one another. They are soon joined by a transvestite who goes by the name of Lupita, played by Asier Etxeandía (a finalist for Best Actor at the latest Goya Awards for his performance in The Bride [+see also:
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), who will end up changing their entire lives. Mar Saura, Emilio Palacios (the young revelation from Los héroes del mal [+see also:
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), Sonia Almarcha, Christian Sánchez and Paco Tous round off the cast.

While La puerta abierta – which is being produced by Álvaro Lavín and José Alberto Sánchez for Meridional Producciones, Chester Media Producciones, Stop&Play Europa, MilCiclos and Babilonia Films – gets started with its commercial and festival run (the gatherings in Sofia, San Diego, Alicante, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Chicago are just some of the stops on its journey), Seresesky is already getting stuck into the preparations for her next project: Recuerda la muerte (lit. “Remember Death”), a co-production with Mexico (Negras Network) based on post-mortem photographs from the 19th century, which will be shot in Yucatán and will once again see Carmen Machi and Bárbara Lennie form part of the Spanish cast.

(Translated from Spanish)

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