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The ICAA throws its weight behind 18 Spanish features


- The Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute, which reports to the Spanish Ministry of Culture, has given out a total of €20 million in its first selection session of 2017

The ICAA throws its weight behind 18 Spanish features
Director Rodrigo Sorogoyen, whose El reino will receive €1.4 million

In a resolution passed on 6 July, the Spanish Film and Audiovisual Arts Institute, which falls under the jurisdiction of the country’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, greenlit a healthy amount of €20 million in production support for feature-film projects. Of the 56 projects presented for this call, the first selection session of 2017, 18 were successful.

A sum of €1.4 million – the maximum amount that can be granted to a single film – will go to the political thriller El reino, directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen and produced by Trianera Producciones Cinematográficas and Tornasol FilmsThe Tribe [+see also:
film profile
by Fernando Colomo (Mod Producciones, SL); Superlópez by Javier Ruiz Caldera (La gran superproducción AIE and Zeta Cinema, SL); La sombra de la ley (see the news), the new film by Dani de la Torre (La ley del plomo, AIE); The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (see the news) by Terry Gilliam (Carisco Producciones, AIE); Los futbolísimos by Miguel Ángel Lamata (Los futbolísimos, AIE); Everybody Knows by Asghar Farhadi (read the interview); and Champions [+see also:
film profile
 by Javier Fesser, both of which are being produced by Morena Films, SL (the latter film in conjunction with Películas Pendelton, SA).

Furthermore, The Influence by Denis Rovira (The influence AIE) is getting €1.34 million; La trinchera infinita by José María Goenaga and Jon Garaño (La Trinchera Films, AIE) will be given €1.188 million; El desentierro by Ignacio Ruiperez (El desentierro AIE) has secured €1,095,000; Yuli by Icíar Bollaín (Morena Films, SL) will receive €1,040,000; Feedback, the feature debut by Pedro C Alonso (Vaca Films Studio, SL and Ombra Films, SL), was granted €1,032,000 in support; Quien te cantará, the third feature by Carlos Vermut, produced by Apache Films, Las películas del Apache and Áralan Films, was given the go-ahead to receive €977,058; El herrero y el diablo by Paul Urkijo (Errementari Filma, AIE) will benefit from €850,000; Agur Etxebeste by Telmo Esnal (Etxebeste Film, AIE) gets €720,000; Insomnes by Gustavo S Hernández, produced by White Films, AIE, will be given €350,000; and finally, Objetivo Agirre (Agirre Egistasmoa, AIE) has secured €207,941.

(Translated from Spanish)

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