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Culture Minister Resigns


German Culture minister Julian Nida-Ruemelin announced he was stepping down from office to return to academic life. Germany only created the position of a central minister for culture in 1998 because, under German Ordinary Law, Culture falls under the jurisdiction of each of the federal states (or “Laender”). Nida-Ruemelin’s successor will be chosen during routine talks between the Socialist-Green coalition to form the new government.
In a press conference, Nida–Ruemelin said that he did not think of himself as a professional politician and had always intended to return to his academic life on completion of his mandate. He listed a number of important legislative reforms he had implemented while in office, such as the taxation of foreign artists in Germany - which resulted in improved international cultural exchanges; changes to copyright contract legislation, and to the way in which foundations are set up and managed.
During his time as minister, Nida-Ruemelin reassured the Laender (federal states) that there was no danger of a centralisation of cultural affairs and he was instrumental in establishing the Federal Cultural Foundation and the “Kulturaufbau Ost” programme. The outgoing minister said that his successor’s priorities would include reforming the way in which German cinema is promoted and funded, and creating a new media system. On average, the German culture minister disposes of an annual budget of around Euros950million

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