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TURÍN 2017 Industria

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Entre la creación y la industria: el arte del corto en el Torino Short Film Market


- En inglés: La 2a edición del primer mercado del cortometraje de Italia tendrá lugar durante el 35° Festival de Turín, con un programa que incluye pitchs y proyecciones de mercado

Entre la creación y la industria: el arte del corto en el Torino Short Film Market

Este artículo está disponible solo en inglés.

It’s the only short-film market in Italy and the main industry event dedicated to this format, “a sort of link between young creativity and the audiovisual industry”, as described by its creator, the director of the National Short Film Centre, Jacopo Chessa. The Torino Short Film Market (TSFM) is back for the second year running, unspooling from Wednesday 29 November-Friday 1 December, during the 35th Torino Film Festival. It’s a place where attendees can discover the latest international and Italian shorts, develop short-film projects and digital content, and meet the talents who are about to make the leap from the short format to trying their hand at features or TV series.

“In the TSFM’s view, a short film is both a finished work, and as such is open to sales and distribution, and the base from which one starts in order to build something else – a tool to enable the discovery of talents,” Chessa explains. Three days of meetings, pitching sessions, in-depth analyses and showcases of virtual-reality projects, video libraries, market screenings for industry professionals and a programme of short-film screenings in a theatre open to the public – all of this will be on offer at the market orchestrated by the National Short Film Centre, which for its second edition “is expanding into new spaces and adding new events, as it aspires to play an increasingly significant role in the Italian film landscape, in close cooperation with the entire film and television production sector, both Italian and international”.

Some of the highlights on the jam-packed menu of the Torino Short Film Market are: Digita!, a pitching session for the development of digital content, where attendees can discover digital formats devised for the internet, for augmented reality and for virtual reality (web series, digital videos, mobile series and story apps), which will be examined in depth through round-tables and one-to-one meetings; Oltrecorto, a pitching session for developing short films into features or TV series, which will be introduced to an audience of producers and broadcasters in search of talents to build a bridge between the worlds of short films and production; and Distributors Meet Buyers, a pitching session for distributors’ catalogues, where the selected distributors will present their own film catalogues to television buyers (the broadcasters in attendance will include Canal+, Rai, Mediaset, France Télévision and RSI). Another event being planned as part of Oltrecorto is a meeting organised by the SNGCI (National Union of Film Journalists) with Paolo Genovese, in which the director of Perfect Strangers [+lee también:
ficha del filme
(who is currently on the cinema listings with The Place [+lee también:
making of
ficha del filme
) will tell the audience about his own experience of making the leap from short to feature territory, dwelling particularly on A Neapolitan Spell, which he co-directed with Luca Miniero.

Furthermore, the TSFM is also organising All Rights, a panel discussing the rights for using archive music and images in audiovisual productions and, more specifically, when making short films. At this event, experts from the sector will explain who to approach in order to buy rights for the use of a song in a film, whether it is possible to pluck a few seconds of footage from a film free of charge, and what the relationship is between authors’ rights and publishing rights.

Lastly, the programme of screenings will include All You Need Is Short, an overview of some of the most interesting international productions from the last year, being presented in Italy for the first time, and the Market Screenings, reserved for accredited guests of the TSFM. These guests will also have access to a video library that they can use to consult films, which will be active for the entire three days of the market, located at the Rai Production Centre in Turin.

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