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Edimburgo lancia Distribution Rewired attraverso una campagna di crowdfunding


- In inglese: L'iniziativa è pensata per esplorare i diversi modelli di distribuzione

Edimburgo lancia Distribution Rewired attraverso una campagna di crowdfunding

Questo articolo è disponibile solo in inglese.

The 69th Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF, June 17-28) is launching a new initiative called Distribution Rewired, a marketplace dedicated to emerging and innovative distribution models. To fund this, EIFF is launching a crowd-funding campaign that will run 45 days and look to raise £15,000. Distribution Rewired will run June 22 and 23, within the festival. The sessions will be dedicated to developing communication and collaboration between filmmakers, and provide attendees with direct access to key representatives from a variety of companies informing them on diverse distribution methods including self-distribution, direct distribution and mixed models which combine conventional sales and distribution with direct distribution.

The event will be managed by Holly Daniel, Industry and Talent Development Manager at EIFF and Beatrice Neumann from BeA Film, a sales and distribution consultancy.

Mark Adams, the new EIFF Artistic Director said, “EIFF is dedicated to addressing the most current and relevant events for attending filmmakers and industry professionals each year. The world of distribution has changed massively in recent years and Distribution Rewired will create a space that represents the importance of these changes whilst supporting filmmakers in utilising the new models on offer.”

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