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Il Nordisk Film & TV Fond annuncia i destinatari dei finanziamenti


- In inglese: Il fondo ha deciso a dicembre di sostenere cinque film e due iniziative culturali per un importo di 6 milioni di corone (€600.000)

Il Nordisk Film & TV Fond annuncia i destinatari dei finanziamenti
l-r: Producer Ronnie Fridthjof, actress Rosalinde Mynster, director Kasper Torsting and actor Sebastian Jessen on the set of In War & Love (© Ronnie Petersen)

Questo articolo è disponibile solo in inglese.

The Nordisk Film & TV Fond has announced its latest round of financial support, which was officially decided on in December. The Oslo-based fund, which promotes and finances film and TV productions from the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, will support two fiction feature films, three feature-length documentaries and two initiatives with a budget that totals over NOK 6 million (€600,000).

Danish director Kasper Torsting, best known for his documentaries and the TV series Ø, will direct In War & Love (I Krig & Kærlighed), the first-ever Danish film about the First World War. Produced by Ronnie Fridthjof (Fridthjof Film, Denmark) and budgeted at DKK 42.5 million (€5.7 million), the war drama received NOK 2.5 million (€260,000) and is being co-produced by Film United (Czech Republic) and Nordfilm Kiel (Germany), in association with the Danish Film InstituteDR, the Mads Clausen FoundationCreative Europe, the Czech Film FundNDR and TV2 Norge. Filming starts next month, and the movie will premiere on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I in November.

For her third feature film, entitled Call Mum, Swedish writer-director Lisa Aschan (She Monkeys [+leggi anche:
scheda film
White People [+leggi anche:
scheda film
) has received support of NOK 1.5 million (€155,000). The drama, which focuses on three generations of women and their struggles to communicate with each other, is being produced by Anna-Maria Kantarius (Garagefilm International) and has already received the support of the Swedish Film Institute. It is being made in association with Film i Väst and SVT. The shoot is set for this October, with a premiere tentatively set for 2019.

One of the three documentaries that received NOK 500,000 (€52,000) each is Exit, directed by Karen Winther, which explores the reasons behind the director’s and other former extremists’ decisions to leave violence behind. It is being produced by Eirin Gjørv (Sant & Usant, Norway) in co-production with Ma.ja.de Filmproduktion (Germany) and NDR in cooperation with ARTE, and in association with AMP FilmNRK, SVT, YLE and VPRO.

Another doc is Jozi Gold, directed by Fredrik Gertten (Bikes vs Cars), Sylvia Vollenhoven and Adam Welz, which takes a look at the decay of the gold mines in Johannesburg. Produced by Margarete Jangård (WG Film, Sweden) in co-production with Anita Rehoff Larsen (Sant & Usant, Norway) and Sylvia Vollenhoven (Vision in Africa, South Africa), in conjunction with SVT, YLE, DR, LTV, ETVRTVFritt Ord and the City of Malmö, the film is being supported by the Swedish Film Institute and Creative Europe.

Once Aurora, directed by Benjamin Langeland and Stian Servoss, follows the changes that Norwegian teen pop star Aurora has been going through in the past four years, during her rise to international stardom. The documentary is being produced by Thorvald Nilsen (Flimmer Film, Norway) in association with NRK, YLE and DR, with support from the Norwegian Film Institute, the Western Norway Film Centre and The Audio and Visual Fund.

Finally, the Nordisk Film & TV Fond has backed Göteborg’s Nordic Film Market (1-4 February) with NOK 530,000 (€55,000) and Nordic Film Music Days by the Nordic Film Composers Network – an event held in partnership with EAVE – with NOK 60,000 (€6,000).

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