Pity (2018)
The Apparition (2018)
Gaspard at the Wedding (2018)
Gangsta (2018)
Silent Night (2017)
Anchor and Hope (2017)
The Order of Things (2017)
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Wil Mathijs • Director


(In French)

Death is a subject that may seem overwhelming. And yet, with Cells, director Wil Mathijs brings us a humorous yet dark film that is both poetic and frightening. When he arrived at Cinergie to discuss his film, he bounded up the stairs as if he were at home. He stopped at every floor, talking to everyone. When he finally arrived at Cinergie, up on the fourth floor, he took a break in the middle of the interview to smoke a cigarette, and then, at the end, gathered a group together to go and drink a few beers. Just like his film, the young Flemish director is full of wit and black humour, stubborn and persistent, relaxed and very politically incorrect, if not totally refreshing.


IDW Supsi
WBI Berlinale

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