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Meda or the Not So Bright Side of Things (2017)
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Jupiter's Moon (2017)
Bloody Milk (2017)
Until The Birds Return (2017)
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Volkan Üce • Director

(In French)

Volkan Üce, a young Belgian-Turk with a degree in Political Sciences, is starting out as a director with his first documentary Displaced, produced by Cobra Films. It is a project deeply linked to the current problems of migration. According to the film, El Dorado is no longer to be found in Europe, but in Istanbul where young Belgians and Dutch are searching for their roots and identities in the countries that their grandparents left behind. Will Turkey provide the answer for these young people, who suffer discrimination daily in the countries that they were born in and whose societies are supposedly multicultural? This is the question that this young director is attacking through his film and it is a subject very close to his heart.

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