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by Lenka Kny


A young lawyer is shocked to be asked by her grandmother to help dissolve her 60-year marriage from her grandfather. She does not wish to grant this request, but her grandmother is uncompromising. What is the strong reason? And why now? She proceeds as a detective, step-by-step, until finding the destructive power of long-past guilt.

international title: Granddaughter
original title: Stinu neuteces
country: Czech Republic
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Lenka Kny
film run: 100'
release date: CZ 23/04/2009
screenplay: Lenka Kny
cast: Jaroslava Adamová, Pavel Landovský, Helena Dvoráková, František Němec, Alois Švehlík, Anna Polívková, Matej Hádek, Marian Roden
cinematography by: Diviš Marek
film editing: Olina Kaufmanová
costumes designer: Pavla Michálková
music: Michal Novinski, Michal Pavlícek
producer: Viktor Schwarcz, Aleš Hudský
production: Cineart Tv, Synergia Film, IO- in/out, Soundsquare
backing: MEDIA, Czech State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography
distributor: Bontonfilm
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