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PRODUCCIÓN / FINANCIACION Bélgica apoya el primer largometraje de animación de Arnaud Demuynck y Rémi Durin


- El fondo de inversión regional de Bruselas respaldará diez nuevos proyectos audiovisuales y recibirá un millón de euros adicional para el 2020 apoya el primer largometraje de animación de Arnaud Demuynck y Rémi Durin
Yuku et la Fleur d’Himalaya, de Arnaud Demuynck y Rémi Durin

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The fund has invested €1 million for the purposes of its 13th session, with the ongoing goal of protecting the jobs of Brussels’ inhabitants and strengthening the economic resilience of businesses within the sector. Ten new projects have been earmarked for support.

Equally noteworthy is the additional sum of €1 million allocated to the regional fund which will be invested in Brussels-based audiovisual production between now and the end of 2020, so as to offer further support to the field.

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series serie

Particular care has been taken to ensure that the chosen projects are in a position to get back up and running rapidly, and therefore provide work for those teams who have been on standby for five months as quickly as possible. The selected projects consist of 5 feature films, 3 TV series, one documentary and one web series.

Sure to remembered among the feature films in question is Yuku et la Fleur d’Himalaya by Arnaud Demuynck and Rémi Durin. The two directors, who are well-seasoned in the domain of animated shorts (having authored - or produced in Demuynck’s case – a number of films which have been included in various popular programmes aimed at younger audiences and screened in cinemas, notably those of La Chouette du Cinéma), are hereby making the leap to full-length film by way of this project produced by Artémis Production (Belgium), La Boite, … Production (Belgium), Les films du Nord (France), Vivement Lundi (France) and Nadasdy Film (Switzerland).

The remaining full-length films receiving funding are: Entre la vie et la mort by Giordano Gederlini, a project set to be shot in August and September and produced by Frakas Production (who just kicked off filming on Fabrice du Welz’s new work, Inéxorable), Eyeworks Film & Tv Drama (Belgium), Noodles Production (France) and Fasten Films (Spain); Véronique Jadin’s L’Employée du mois, which is one of the lightweight productions supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Film and Audiovisual Centre, and which is produced by Velvet Films (Belgium); Joachim Lafosse’s The Restless, starring Leïla Bekhti and Damien Bonnard, which is produced by Stenola Productions (Belgium), Kg Productions (France) and Samsa Films (Luxembourg), and finally, Rebel, the upcoming Belgian project by the duo composed of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, set to be produced by Beluga Tree (Belgium), Caviar Antwerp (Belgium) and Calach Films (Luxembourg).

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