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VENISE 2020 Venice Production Bridge

52 projets du monde entier au Marché Venice Gap-Financing


- Le 7e marché Venice Production Bridge, dédié aux projets en fin de développement et financement, se tiendra du 4 au 6 septembre, avec parmi les heureux élus les nouveaux Steve McQueen et Pia Marais

52 projets du monde entier au Marché Venice Gap-Financing
Le réalisateur Steve McQueen (© UK Parliament/Roger Harris)

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Fifty-two projects, including 28 fiction films and documentaries, will be presented at the seventh edition of the Venice Gap-Financing Market (4-6 September), an event dedicated to works in the final stage of development and funding and organised as part of the Venice Production Bridge, in the 77th Venice International Film Festival.

Over the course of the three-day-long Venice Gap-Financing Market, these 52 projects, chosen from among 270 works hailing from all corners of the globe, will be given the opportunity to complete their financing through one-to-one meetings with international professionals. Jostling among the selected works are 22 fiction feature films (17 European and 5 international) and 6 documentaries (all European) looking to round off their funding packages with minority co-production stakes and having 70% of their funding already secured; 12 Virtual Reality Immersive Stories projects (10 European and 2 international), including fiction films, documentaries, animated films and other interactive installation experiences, with 30% of their budgets guaranteed; 12 Biennale College – Virtual Reality projects and 3 Biennale College – Cinema projects, which are all at different stages of development, from pre-production to post-production.

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The Market will organise one-to-one meetings for the 52 project teams (composed of the producer and the director) with professionals armed with decision-making powers (producers, private and public backers, banks, distributors, sales agents, TV channels, web and video platforms, institutions, post-production companies).

The selected projects are as follows:

Fiction films and documentaries

Heartbeast - Aino Suni (France/Finland/Germany)
Production: Adastra Films

A Beautiful Imperfection - Michiel van Erp, Erwin Olaf (the Netherlands/Italy/Belgium/UK)
Production: Kaap Holland Film

A Picture Book - Tomoko Kana (Japan/Germany)
Production: Horizon Features Co., Ltd.

Beloved Shores - Egidio Eronico (Italy) (documentary)
Production: EiE Film

Bouazizi - Lofty Nathan (France/Germany)
Production: Cinenovo

Brother - Clement Virgo (Canada)
Production: Conquering Lion Pictures

Captain Volkonogov Escaped [+lire aussi :
fiche film
- Natasha Merkulova (Russia)
Production: Lookfilm Studio

Convenience Store [+lire aussi :
interview : Michael Borodin
fiche film
- Michael Borodin (Russia)
Production: Metrafilms Llc

The Faun - Augusto Zanovello (Romania/France)
Production: Aparte

The Legionnaire [+lire aussi :
interview : Hleb Papou
fiche film
- Hleb Papou (Italy/France)
Production: Clemart

Iris - Myrsini Aristidou (Cyprus/Greece/France/Germany)
Production: The Living

Jeux sans frontières - Andrei Cretulescu (Romania)
Production: Digital Cube

La guardia - Giulio Ricciarelli (Italy/Germany)
Production: La Sarraz Pictures

L’età dell’innocenza - Enrico Maisto (Italy/Switzerland)
Production: Start, Ventura Film

Medusa - Anita Rocha da Silveira (Brazil)
Production: Bananeira Filmes

Meursault contre enquête - Malek Bensmaïl (Algeria/France)
Production: Hikayet Films

More Than Ever [+lire aussi :
fiche film
(working title: Mister) - Emily Atef (France)
Production: Eaux Vives Productions

Occupied City - Steve McQueen (the Netherlands/UK) (documentary)
Production: Family Affair Films

Small Body [+lire aussi :
interview : Laura Samani
fiche film
- Laura Samani (Italy)
Production: Nefertiti Film

Runner - Marian Mathias (US/Germany/France)
Production: Killjoy Films

Shirin Ebadi: Until We Are Free - Dawn Gifford Engle (the Netherlands/Spain) (documentary)
Production: Stichting PeaceJam Europe

Summerlight and Then Comes the Night - Elfar Adalsteins (Iceland)
Production: Berserk Films, Compass Films

Supernova - Natalia López (Mexico/Argentina)
Production: Amondo Cine, Lobo en medio de Lobos

Sweet Dreams - Ena Sendijarevic (the Netherlands /Belgium)
Production: Lemming Film

The Things You Kill - Alireza Khatami (France/Canada/Iran)
Production: Fulgurance

Transamazonia - Pia Marais (France/Germany/Sweden)
Production: Cinéma Defacto

Why We Fight - Alain Platel, Mirjam Devriendt (Belgium/Germany) (documentary)
Production: Cassette for Timescapes

Wir Waren Kumpel - Christian Johanns Koch, Jonas Matauschek (Switzerland/Germany) (documentary)
Production: CognitoFilms Ltd.

Virtual Reality Immersive Stories projects

Alone At Night - Hanna Västinsalo (Finland)
Production: Handle Productions Oy

Banksy: The Walled Off Hotel VR - Amer Shomali (Germany/Palestine/the Netherlands)
Production: K5 Factory GmbH

Birdie Long Gone - Samuel Lepoil (France/Belgium)
Production: Tamanoir Immersive Studio, Demute Studio

Gulli’VR - Michaël Bolufer (France)
Production: La Générale de Production

Let Go - Michael Beets (France/Australia/Belgium/Switzerland)
Production: Les Produits Frais

Néphélé - Alexandre Perez (France)
Production: Floréal Films

Night Shift - Abdalsalam Alhaj (the Sudan/South Africa)
Production: Electric South

Project Dastaan: Child of Empire - Erfan Saadati (UK/India)
Production: Project Dastaan

Tangible Utopias - Ioana Mischie (Romania)
Production: Storyscapes, Studioset

The Garden - David Barlow-Krelina (France)
Production: Red Corner, ED Film

The Greatest Wait. After the Last Sky - Razan Alsalah (France/Canada)
Production: Ida.Ida.

The Sick Rose - Tang Chi-Chung (Taiwan)
Production: HTC Vive Originals

Biennale College - Virtual Reality Projects (11 projects developed during the fourth edition of the Biennale College Cinema VR workshop, and 1 project from the third edition)

A Vocal Landscape - Omid Zarei (Denmark/Iran)
Production: Bullitt Films, Rawmantik Pictures

Chroma 11 - Tsui Shan Tsang (Hong Kong)
Production: River Vision Production

Dancing Letters - Anna Zoll (Poland)
Production: Udyssey Creative Technologies

Jamie & Jamie - Fanni Fazakas (Hungary)
Production: OCG

Nowhere Left To Go - Patricia Echeverria Liras (US/Spain)
Production: Lightshed Llc

Mono - Chiara Troisi (Italy)
Production: Epica Film

Puppet Trouble - Lucas Rizzotto (US/Brazil)
Production: Thought Co.

The Pub - Duane Hopkins (UK)
Production: Oslo Pictures

The Wolf and the Lamb - Emanuel Nordrum (Norway)
Production: Varino Creative

Ticket to Nowhere - David Wedel (Denmark)
Production: Mannd

Touched - Emilia Ondriasova, Sara Lisa Vogl (Denmark/Slovakia/Germany)
Production: Makropol

Open the Door to the 20TH Century: The Scitovsky Villa - Zsolt Magyari (UK/Hungary)
Production: Stellar Circus

Biennale College – Cinema Projects (developed during the first workshop of the Biennale College Cinema’s 8th edition)

Babado - Camila Freitas, João Vieira Torres (Brazil/Portugal)
Production: Primeira Idade

Good Deal - Shen Di (China)
Production: Spire Media

The Plant Under the Wild Land - Diego Zon (Brazil)
Production: De Repente o Rio

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