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Ça tourne pour Miss Fallaci, un titre Paramount+ interprété par Miriam Leone


- Cette série en 8 épisodes dédiée à l’iconique journaliste Oriana Fallaci, produite par Paramount et Minerva Pictures, arrivera bientôt sur la plateforme de streaming

Ça tourne pour Miss Fallaci, un titre Paramount+ interprété par Miriam Leone
Miriam Leone dans Miss Fallaci

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Shooting has begun on the new original Italian series for Paramount+, Miss Fallaci, whose cast is led by Miriam Leone, with Luca Ribuoli (of the series Call My Agent - Italy, Noi, Speravo de morì prima) as Head Director. The Catania-born actress, recently seen playing Eva Kant in Diabolik [+lire aussi :
fiche film
, is stepping into the shoes of iconic journalist Oriana Fallaci to explore a highly intense and little-explored time in Fallaci’s life, when, at the end of the 1950s, she started travelling between New York and Hollywood in order to interview film stars, before becoming the first ever war correspondent and one of the most important writers and names in Italian journalism in the world. To date, 20 million copies of her works have been sold, with translations appearing in 25 languages (including “Letter To A Child Never Born”, “A Man”, and “The Rage and the Pride”).

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Set between 1956 and 1959, and flitting between Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Rome, London and Florence, the film follows Oriana Fallaci, a young correspondent from Europe who’s intelligent, brilliant, controversial and intolerant of the dynamics of an editorial team composed solely of men who get to focus on politics while she’s relegated to the role of “film girl”. Through dogged determination, Oriana wrangles a trip to New York with the promise of securing an interview with the most sought after and unreachable of stars, Marilyn Monroe.

But despite turning the city upside down, Fallaci doesn’t manage to find the actress. So, instead, she writes about how she wasn’t successful in her mission, an article which subsequently sees her entrusted with a series of reports from Hollywood. With her disenchanted air and her unmistakably caustic and irreverent pen, Oriana tells all on the “diva factory”, unmasking the contradictions of American society as it hovers between moralism and emancipation.

Miss Fallaci is the story of the early days in Oriana’s brilliant career as she takes on and tells all on 1950s American society for the very first time. But it’s also the story about how a headstrong, young woman from Florence became the intrepid reporter we remember her for today, and everything she had to sacrifice on the path to success.

Miss Fallaci is a co-production between Paramount and Minerva Pictures, produced by Santo Versace and Gianluca Curti, in association with RedString. Set to be broadcast very soon on Paramount+, the series is based on events recounted by Fallaci herself in “The Seven Sins of Hollywood” and “Penelope At War” (whose original versions are published in Italian by Rizzoli).

The series is written by an international team, led by creator and head writer Viola Rispoli and Thomas Grieves. Oriana Fallaci’s nephew and heir Edoardo Perazzi is just one of the consultants working on the project. Luca Ribuoli will direct the first four episodes, while Giacomo Martelli and Alessandra Gonnella will take charge of the others (episodes 5-7-8 and episode 6 respectively). Ivan Casalgrandi is heading up photography, Eva Coen is entrusted with costumes, and Paolo Bonfini is managing set design.

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