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Eurimages sostiene 26 coproduzioni


- Nuovi progetti di Miguel Gomes, Ursula Meier, Joachim Lafosse, Philippe Faucon e Giacomo Abbruzzese, tra i selezionati

Eurimages sostiene 26 coproduzioni
Il regista Miguel Gomes

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At its 159th meeting held online, the Board of Management of the Council of Europe's Eurimages Fund agreed to support 20 fiction films, 1 animation film and 5 documentary projects for a total amount of €6,137,000.

The share of eligible projects with female directors examined at this Eurimages Board of Management meeting was 39%; 52% of the projects supported were directed by women and €2,500,000 was awarded to these projects, representing 41% of the total amount awarded.

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The list of projects:

RoseNiels Arden Oplev (Denmark/Norway) (€280,000)
A Reply to a Letter from HelgaAsa Hjorleifsdottir (Iceland/Netherlands/Estonia) (€285,000)
Behind the HaystacksAsimina Proedrou (Greece/Germany) (160,000)
SavageryMiguel Gomes (Portugal/France) (€310,000)
The Sacred Spirit - Chema Garcia Ibarra (Spain/France/Turkey) (€190,000) (read news)
Bruxa - Cristèle Alves Meira (France/Portugal/Belgium) (€180,000)
Dreaming Walls - Amélie Van Elmbt, Maya Duverdier (Belgium/France/Sweden/Netherlands) (€150,000) (Documentary)
The Delegation - Asaf Saban (Poland/Germany/Israel) (€290,000)
Entre la vie et la mortGiordano Gederlini (Belgium/France/Spain) (€380,000) (read news)
Chicken BoyGuðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson (Iceland/Denmark/Sweden) (€360,000)
The Total TrustYan Ting Yuen (Germany/Netherlands) (€150,000) (documentary)
The Cow That Sang A Song About the Future - Francisca Alegria (France/Chile/Germany) (€150,000)
VictimMichal Blaško (Slovak Republic/Czech Republic/Germany) (€140,000) (read news)
La Civil - Teodora Ana Mihai (Belgium/Romania) (€225,000)
Les Harkis - Philippe Faucon (France/Belgium) (€420,000)
Normal - Olivier Babinet (France/Belgium) (€280,000)
The Line - Ursula Meier (Switzerland/France/Belgium) (€300,000)
The Man of a Thousand Faces - Sonia Kronlund (France/Poland) (€100,000) (documentary)
Traces - Dubravka Turic (Croatia/Lithuania) (€140,000)
White Plastic Sky - Tibor Bánóczki, Sarolta Szabó (Hungary/Slovak Republic) (€400,000) (animation film)
The Good Driver - Tonislav Hristov (Finland/Bulgaria) (€137,000)
The Restless - Joachim Lafosse (Belgium/Luxembourg/France) (€300,000) (read news)
Good Life - Viktorija Siaulyte, Marta Dauliute (Sweden/Lithuania/Finland) (€50,000) (documentary)
Young Plato - Neasa Ní Chianáin (Ireland/Belgium/UK) (€150 000) (documentary)
Disco Boy - Giacomo Abbruzzese (France/Italy/Poland) (€350,000)
The Nightsiren - Tereza Nvotova (Slovak Republic/Czech Republic/France) (€260,000) (read interview)

Given the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic in many areas of production, the Board of Management of Eurimages unanimously decided to extend the validity of its support decisions for all co-production projects supported during 2020.  Instead of 12 months, the Fund’s support offers will now remain valid for 20 months from the date of the decision by the Board of Management. Lastly, the institution agreed to award a total amount of €670,698 to 72 cinemas based on their 2019 programming.

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