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CANNES 2024 Marché du Film / Premi

Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying) vince il premio Goes to Cannes


- CANNES 2024: La regista svizzera Jacqueline Zünd è la prima a ricevere il premio, che è accompagnato da un minimo garantito di 10.000 euro da parte di Sideral Cinema

Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying) vince il premio Goes to Cannes
Jacqueline Zünd (a sinistra) e Louis Mataré (a destra), la regista e il produttore di Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying)

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The Cannes Marché du Film has announced the inaugural recipient of the Goes to Cannes Award. In the end, it was Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying), directed by Switzerland’s Jacqueline Zünd, and produced by Louis Mataré and David Fonjallaz, that emerged victorious. Notably, Switzerland holds the esteemed title of Country of Honour at this year’s Marché du Film.

Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying) was handpicked by the Solothurn Film Festival, the second-oldest film gathering in Switzerland, poised to mark its 60th edition in 2025, and a Goes to Cannes partner festival. Co-penned by Zünd and Arne Kohlweyer, the dystopian story depicts a world akin to ours, where Jonah's employment with an agency offering human relationships leads to an unravelling of his meticulously controlled life. Set against a backdrop of unbearable heat, the film explores the depths of human longing for warmth and connection.

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Goes to Cannes serves as a distinct platform, seamlessly integrating film festivals and markets worldwide to showcase a curated selection of original works in progress from today’s burgeoning talents. Annually, the Marché du Film extends exclusive invitations to film festivals to host their screenings at Cannes, providing a stage for films at various stages of post-production. This dynamic initiative not only promotes festivals and markets, but also fosters exchanges between international creatives and key stakeholders, including sales agents, distributors and festival organisers.

The significance of this year's Goes to Cannes programme is further underscored by the support of Sideral Cinema, a Spanish film studio specialising in the sales and distribution of international independent films. Sideral Cinema's commitment is exemplified by its offering of a minimum guarantee (MG) of €10,000 to the deserving recipient of the award, highlighting its dedication to recognising and supporting emerging talents within the global film industry.

Don’t Let the Sun (Catch You Crying) is a Swiss-Italian co-production by Louis Mataré and David Fonjallaz for Lomotion, with Davide Pagano, Andrea Randazzo and Gianfilippo Pedote for Casa delle Visioni, and with the support of SRF – Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen. It is expected that its world premiere will take place by the third quarter of 2024.

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