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by Bouli Lanners

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Only The Lonely

Review: Ultranova

Only The Lonely

A film which speaks of things and people from our country sotto voce, with such a mixture of tenderness, absurd mildness and melancholy 

As honest as possible

Interview: Bouli Lanners • Director

As honest as possible

Known to the public at large as a "a natural born comedian", who has had supporting roles in comedie and drama, Bouli Lanners has now directed a unexpected film, sad and beautiful 

An upcoming star

Article: A Portrait of Marie du Bled

An upcoming star

Her first film and she has one of the supporting roles and also narrates. A no-risk ploy by the director as, when she’s onscreen, she is mesmerising 

"Starting with images and emotions"

Article: Protrait of Bouli Lanners

"Starting with images and emotions"

Artist-cum-set-designer-cum-actor with an already impressive back catalogue, he of the booming voice, the discreet but ambitious film-maker 

A musical journey into Ultranova

Article: The movie's original soundtrack

A musical journey into Ultranova

Music composed, played and recorded by Jarby McCoy 




international title: Ultranova
original title: Ultranova
country: Belgium, France
sales agent: Playtime
year: 2004
directed by: Bouli Lanners
cast: Vincent Lecuyer, Hélène De Reymaeker, Marie Du Bled, Michaël Abiteboul, Vincent Berlogey

main awards/selection

Berlinale 2005Panorama (selection), C.I.C.A.E Prize

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