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The Dead and The Living

The Dead and The Living

by Barbara Albert

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It was my grandfather

Review: The Dead and The Living

It was my grandfather

The main character in Barbara Albert's film discovers that her grandfather was an official in the SS. Guilt, forgiveness and heritage are at the centre of this story, which is partly autobiographical. 

“Transporting feelings of guilt to the next generation”

Interview: Barbara Albert• Director

“Transporting feelings of guilt to the next generation”

The Dead and the Living by Barbara Albert tells the tale of a young woman through the ghosts and past of her family during the Second World War. 

Trailer [st en]


Trailer [st en]


international title: The Dead and the Living
original title: Die Lebenden
country: Austria, Poland, Germany
sales agent: Playtime
year: 2012
directed by: Barbara Albert
screenplay: Barbara Albert
cast: Anna Fischer, Hanns Schuschnig, August Zirner, Itay Tiran, Daniela Sea, Winfried Glatzeder

main awards/selection

Festival del Cinema Europeo di Lecce 2013Cineuropa Prize
Donostia-San Sebastián International Film Festival 2012
Göteborg International Film Festival 2013
Athens Film Festival 2013

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