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SAN SEBASTIÁN 2022 New Directors

Twelve debut films will compete in San Sebastián's New Directors section


- As well as Secaderos, the second feature film by Rocío Mesa, which increases the substantial Spanish presence at the Basque competition

Twelve debut films will compete in San Sebastián's New Directors section
Fifi (Spare Keys) by Jeanne Aslan and Paul Saintillan

Thirteen films from 15 countries will compete for the Kutxabank-New Directors Award at the San Sebastián International Film Festival, which will celebrate its 70th edition from 16th to 24th September. Of all the films selected for this section, twelve are debut films and one is a second film. All of them, with more to be added in the near future, are eligible for the €50,000 prize, shared between the director and their distributor in Spain.

If we take a look at this New Directors section by continent, from Europe, specifically from France, comes the film by Jeanne Aslan and Paul Saintillan, called Spare Keys, the story of a teenage girl who starts a relationship with a friend’s brother. Ion Borș, WIP Europa Industry Award and WIP Europa Award a year ago with Carbon, will participate with this black comedy, co-produced between the Republic of Moldova, Romania and Spain, set in the early 1990s during the Transnistria war.

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Danish filmmaker Katrine Brocks will compete with The Great Silence, about a young novice who receives an awkward visit from her twin brother in the convent. The Russian actress Dinara Drukarova, currently living in France, will present Grand Marin. She plays the protagonist, a woman who leaves everything behind to take a fishing boat and set sail for the northern seas.

Swiss filmmaker Carmen Jaquier will also make her feature film debut with Thunder, a portrait of a woman's emancipation in early 20th century Switzerland. Also, Croatian director Josip Žuvan will screen Carbide, a film starring two inseparable friends who try to preserve their friendship despite the quarrels between their respective families.

The director of a previous documentary and producer Rocío Mesa will participate in New Directors with Secaderos, her first feature-length fiction film (co-produced between Spain and the United States), a story tinged with magical realism that takes place in the buildings where tobacco plants are stored. We recall Maria Elorza’s already announced work A los libros y a las mujeres canto, which is created around an anonymous and unarmed army that protects literary works. The Spanish presence (read more), including co-productions, currently stands at 21 films.

Laura Baumeister will arrive from the American continent with La hija de todas las rabias, (Nicaragua/Mexico/Netherlands/Germany/France/Spain), a story about a girl who survives in a rubbish dump: this film won the award for best project at the 8th Europe-Latin America Co-Production Forum 2019 and the WIP Latam Industry Award 2021.

And from the always interesting (and sometimes surprising) Asian cinema we will get to see Jeong-sun, by Ji-hye Jeong, who won the Korean competition at the Jeonju Festival with this film about a woman who starts a secret relationship with a colleague at the factory where they work. Japan’s Takeshi Kogahara will showcase Nagisa about love between siblings separated by fate. The trio Masahiko SatoYutaro Seki and Kentaro Hirase make their feature film directing debut with Roleless (Japan) which deals with the ups and downs of a cable car operator who also works as a film extra. Finally, India's Parth Saurabh will present On Either Sides of the Pond, which follows a couple who, for pandemic economic reasons, return to their hometown, where their relationship begins to deteriorate.

The selected films:

Fifi (Spare Keys) - Jeanne Aslan and Paul Saintillan (Francia)
Carbon - Ion Borș (Moldava/Romania/Spain)
The Great Silence - Katrine Brocks (Denmark)
Grand MarinDinara Drukarova (France)
Foudre (Thunder) - Carmen Jaquier (Switzerland)
Carbide - Josip Žuvan (Croatia)
SecaderosRocío Mesa (Spain/United States)
A los libros y a las mujeres canto - María Elorza (Spain)
La hija de todas las rabias - Laura Baumeister (Nicaragua/Mexico/Netherlands/Germany/Germany/France/Spain
Jeong-sunJi-hye Jeong (South Korea
NagisaTakeshi Kogahara (Japan)
Roleless - Masahiko SatoYutaro SekiKentaro Hirase (Japan)
On Either Sides of the Pond - Parth Saurabh (India)

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(Translated from Spanish by Vicky York)

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