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Eurimages respalda 16 coproducciones


- Los nuevos proyectos de Ruben Östlund, Julia Ducournau, Jonas Carpignano, Susanna Nicchiarelli y Anca Damian han sido seleccionados

Eurimages respalda 16 coproducciones
El director Ruben Östlund

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At its 156th meeting held from 13 to 16 October in Strasbourg, the Board of Management of the Council of Europe's Eurimages Fund agreed to support 11 fiction films, one documentary and four animation projects for a total amount of €4,799,300.

The share of eligible projects with female directors examined at this Eurimages Board of Management meeting was 26%; 62.5% of the projects supported were directed by women; €2 819,300 was awarded to these projects, representing 58.7% of the total amount awarded.

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The projects selected:

The Siren - Sepideh Farsi (France/Germany/Luxembourg/Belgium) (€500,000) (animation film) (read news)
Titane - Julia Ducournau (France/Belgium) (€450,000)
Wolf - Nathalie Biancheri (Ireland/Poland) (€300,000)
A Chiara - Jonas Carpignano (Italy/France) (€330,000) (read news)
The Albanian Virgin - Bujar Alimani (Germany/Belgium) (€290,000)
Titina - Kajsa Næss (Norway/Belgium) (€460,000) (animation film)
The Island - Anca Damian (Romania/France/Belgium) (€43,600)
Holy Emy - Araceli Lemos (Greece/France) (€32,700)
You Will Not Have My Hate - Kilian Riedhof (Germany/France) (€380,000)
Small Body - Laura Samani (Italy/France/Slovenia) (€340,000)
Trees Floating - Salomé Jashi (Switzerland/Germany/Georgia) (€50,000) (documentary)
Miss Marx - Susanna Nicchiarelli (Italy/Belgium) (€480,000)
Gaza mon amour [+lee también:
ficha del filme
- Arab Nasser, Tarzan Nasser (France/Germany/Portugal) (€230,000)
Triangle of Sadness - Ruben Östlund (Sweden/Germany/France) (€470,000) (read news)
Tove [+lee también:
ficha del filme
- Zaida Bergroth (Finland/Sweden) (€163,000)
No Dogs or Italians Allowed - Alain Ughetto (France/Belgium/Switzerland) (€280,000) (animation film)

Moreover, as part of the Distribution Support Programme (Support for “marketing and publicity costs”), Eurimages agreed to support 64 requests for payment submitted by 23 distributors, for an amount of €479,117 (read more here).

Lastly, at a meeting bursting with strategic decisions, the body decided to suspend distribution support in its current form as from the 2020 cycle and to launch an independent study on the relevance of distribution support, open to all the members of the fund, for projects already supported by Eurimages as part of the co-production support; to transform, as from January 2021, the supports for cinemas into automatic supports; to suspend, as from January 2021, support for lab projects in its current form and to launch an independent study on the relevance and modalities of support for non-conventional cinematographic projects; and to select, as from January 2020, audiovisual events (festivals, markets, etc.) in which Eurimages will grant support for the development of co-production through calls for expressions of interest.

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